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TransformHub is a software product development company that builds impactful software products for leading enterprises and SMBs across various industries. Using our expertise to build custom digital products, we can help you tackle business challenges, optimize operations, and enable business growth.

Our enterprise product development solutions can help reduce your go-to-market time and enhance scalability. Our product engineering team uses an agile methodology, combines business and industry knowledge to foster needed growth for your business.

Being the Best Product Engineering Services Provider, TransformHub has you covered at each step for perfect software product development:

  • Translating requirements.
  • Building custom digital products.
  • Creating actionable technical documents.
  • Proposing future updates after delivery.

Are you looking for software product development solutions to upgrade and expand?

Web Development

Web Application Development services from TransformHub help design, implement and evolve web-based software that will accelerate user growth, unlock new digital channels, and achieve rewarding conversions. TransformHub’s take on building web applications supports businesses like startups and large enterprises in various domains. With us, you get:

Fine customer experience
Technology-based back end development
Engaging front-end and back-end development
Automating end delivery pipeline
Automation frameworks and solutions


Mobile Application Development services offered by our experienced architects encompass designing all the latest architecture patterns: microservices, headless, and PWA. Our mobile app developers are skilled in a wide variety of tools to ascertain quality delivery. We offer:

IOS development
Android apps
Hybrid app
Security compliance
AR app development
Progressive web apps
User experience design
Legacy app modernisation

Experience Design – UI/UX

We understand the specific needs of your target audience, post which our UX/UI experts create intuitive navigation and appealing interfaces for app and web. Our responsive web app designs ensure a seamless experience across all devices, resulting in an increased conversion rate. Our UX/UI services comprise:

Consulting UX strategy
Design centric app development
Imparting agile methodology
UX strategy and consulting
Seamless experience design

Process of Product Engineering Services 

Hardware design, PCB layout and analysis, software and application development, testing and validation, product prototyping, production, and product lifecycle management are often included in the services provided by Digital Transformation Services in Singapore. 

Let's examine the product engineering process step by step. 

  1. Idea Generation: In the initial stage of the product engineering services process, an idea is conceptualized and elaborated in terms of its use, functionality, and features, as well as how it would affect or empower the world. The viability of the proposal determines whether it will be pursued, amended, or rejected.

  2. Design: After developing an idea, TransformHub works on the product design. Hardware, software, and industrial design requirements are taken into consideration by product developers. This involves selecting the appropriate operating system, processor, memory, and system partitioning between hardware and software, as well as the UI/UX and industrial design interfaces required to create the device.

  3. Development: Based on the design, the product is given physical reality during the period of product engineering services. This includes the design of PCBs, mechanical CAD, system software, the creation and integration of middleware, the creation of applications, etc. At this point, any alterations or deletions to the prior design decisions are put into practice by TransformHub’s team of experts. To guarantee that the performance and quality of the product created is in line with expectations, the product also goes through numerous Testing and Validation at the module and system levels.

  4. Prototyping: A prototype is a finished item or an early sample that mimics the finished product. The different elements that were initially envisioned during the design stage may be tested and validated using prototypes. TransformHub prototypes are used in controlled environments to track performance, evaluate results, and confirm compliance with relevant environmental and quality requirements.

  5. Production and Delivery: A prototype will be deemed acceptable and suitable for production at that point. Production support is a part of the Product Engineering Services (PES) lifecycle as well. Being the best digital transformation services company, we keep tight tabs on both the production and product engineering teams to guarantee a smooth delivery of the finished product.

  6. Product Lifecycle Management (PLM): PLM is a crucial component of every business that sells products. Maintaining client happiness and product improvement are essential for TransformHub to stay competitive. PLM aids in the prompt provision of pertinent software patches and updates to guarantee regular upgrades, feature enhancements, and all-around client support. Obsolescence management is a component of product lifecycle management (PLM), which helps ensure that all necessary components are available or that a suitable replacement is found, attempted, and tested throughout the whole time the product is in production. 

Why Choose TransformHub for Product Engineering?

Our team at TransformHub works together to align with your business needs and the ability to introduce innovation. They have a sound understanding of the challenges and risks the customers may face. Also, they exhibit the capability to execute on a cloud journey.

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TransformHub is a one-stop solution to your Digital Transformation and automation needs. We offer the Best-In-Class Digital Transformation Services.

Today's fast-moving environment needs a company to adapt quickly to survive. A Digital Transformation agency like ours is an adept in emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and can be your partner in bringing speed and scale to your business.
Working on creating the product engineering services

Awesome Designing Solutions

TransformHub offers delightful digital designing solutions to businesses operating across devices for making the job easier for a modern-day user.

Profound Development

TransformHub's digital capability for developing scalable platforms allows businesses to integrate the solutions with agility for collaborations

Apt Consulting

TransformHub's consultants offer thorough consultation based on identifying innovation opportunities and executing initiatives delivering success among the competitors.

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Our staff uses analytics to devise a customized user acquisition strategy to succeed and survive globally


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