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Future of Cloud Engineering

Cloud engineering provides seamless cloud solutions driving agility and growth for your business.


With the ever-increasing massive workloads on the Cloud, the future lies in Cloud Engineering. Complex systems from data centers need to be migrated to Cloud. The migrated applications with Cloud Engineering Services enable them to be re-platformed and re-hosted making it Cloud friendly. If you are looking to deploy Cloud Engineering Services, you must approach TransformHub. Our cloud engineering services are handled by professionals who assure to provide you enough security and reliability.

Cloud Engineering is applied to solve complex business challenges by leveraging the cloud’s capability. TransformHub’s cloud architects have successfully provided solutions related to Native Cloud Applications and hosting independent SaaS products.

Our cloud experts leverage the cloud to maximize your ROI, enhancing scalability and security. 

Cloud Strategy & Consulting

TransformHub’s Cloud Strategy & Consulting Services helps accelerate the business journey to the cloud, making IT transformation and reducing capital & operational costs. Cloud engineering services replace manual hard work with digital skills, delivering better efficiency, performance, skill, and expertise. With a thorough analysis of your business applications, we define a cloud strategy and roadmap making the business grow.

Leveraging cloud computing
Boosting business growth
Ensuring productivity
Mitigating risk
Saving costs

Cloud Engineering, Optimisation and Governance

With our cloud optimisation services, we correctly choose and assign the right resources for your business application. We aim to achieve maximum business efficiency by accurately balancing the workload performance, compliance, and optimisation cost for best-fit infrastructure in real-time. With the right use of digital presence and with the help of a professional company it will create a next-generation customer experience.

Modernizing infrastructure
Automating through cloud-apps
Routing workload
Cloud cost optimization
Continuous optimisation

Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Engineering Services in Singapore are seamlessly growing, evolving, and updating. With our Cloud Migration services, we deploy an organisation’s digital assets, resources, and applications in the cloud inside a cloud firewall. This makes businesses gain features such as user-friendly applications, time-saving, ease of access, and enhanced security.

Cloud application deployment
Intrinsic network monitoring
Cloud Compatibility testing
Cloud-based data migration
Cloud exchange platform

What does it take for a company to maintain a solid footing as its business teams explore fresh concepts in the cloud? 

Organizations cannot even dream large on behalf of their clients until they have confidence in a strong IT infrastructure that serves as a solid, scalable, flexible, and secure basis. 

Even fantastic products and services that are wholly centered on the needs of the client risk failing if they are plagued by performance, scalability, and security problems. Thus, there is a need for trustworthy cloud engineering. 

With its knowledge across all Private/Public cloud providers as the Best Digital Transformation Services Company, TransformHub can provide the best platform option or combination that would help your company achieve long-term success. 

TransformHub can offer you the cloud migration, modernization, and optimization help you need to get the most out of your cloud investments, regardless of where you are in your cloud journey. 


  • Cloud-Native Development 

Cloud-Native Development Aids in the consolidation of old non-integrated solutions into a cloud-based solution. 

  • Infrastructure and Use of the Cloud 

As one of the Top digital transformation companies in Singapore, we operate on a private, public, hybrid cloud that aids in designing, deploying, and maintaining customized infrastructure that is prepared for the cloud. 

  • Data Lake Services and Solutions 

knowledge of implementing controlled, scalable, and secure business data lake systems. 

  • Analytics & AI/Cloud Application Development 

To assist gleaning insights from vast amounts of data, analytics and AI analysts are skilled in using data analytics, video analytics, and AI/ML on the cloud. 

Utilizing the most recent technology and cloud application development capabilities, it helps shorten time to market. 

Organizations have mostly overlooked the underlying framework that enables this user experience due to the appeal of product features, UI/UX, and download analytics.

Why Choose TransformHub for Cloud Engineering?

Cloud Engineering Services provided by the engineers at TransformHub have been offering services for years with mission-critical solutions. Industry-wide, we have offered a wealth of intellectual capital till date. We are committed to delivering scalable, flexible, and efficient cloud solutions that are also cost-saving at the same time. Being the Best Digital Transformation Company, we understand that this is where the future lies and is the heart of Digital Transformation. With easy access to data, new ways to view, organize, analyses and automate the information flow, cloud engineering delivers new and powerful capabilities for business.

We help customers at any stage of their cloud engineering cycle from Strategy, Architecture, Design, Engineering, Testing, Implementation, or DevSecOps. From software as a service to the platform as a service, we attain all possibilities to give you the Best Cloud Engineering Services.

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TransformHub is the one-stop destination for all your CloudEngineering project Needs. Discover Our Services.

TransformHub's engineers are cloud certified and have unbeatable skills in implementing the existing products to cloud services such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google's computing platform. We work closely with the aligned engineering team either working onsite/ offsite or as a combination model.
Cloud Engineering in and around the world

SaaS Operations

TransformHub's unified cloud operations management & monitoring aid in performance optimization, cloud security & compliance, and SLA management.


Our Multi-cloud services help in achieving the aspired goal for organisations in case of vendor lock-in.

Data Acquisition

The corporate data in the cloud makes the customer prefer a particular vendor. Cloud computing vendors house data for analytics and personalized user experiences.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and loT will be the top cloud service providers for serverless and managed services. These technologies enable using Google Cloud Platform

For every phase of your digital transformation, a reliable IT partnership matters. With end-to-end cloud services that range from consultation to application modernization and include everything from hyper-automation to testing and quality engineering, we position customers for success. 

For short-term needs or for big teams working for a long time, TransformHub can also assist you with necessary resources along with ideal Digital Transformation Services in Singapore. Our objective is to help you succeed as you embark on your digital transformation journey. 

We have successfully served a wide range of clients, from well-known worldwide brands to mid-market companies and startups, using tested delivery and execution processes, and we work hard to guarantee that they all receive the best quality services. Join them in discovering what sets TransformHub apart from other Digital transformation companies in Singapore. 


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