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With the ever-increasing massive workloads on the Cloud, the future lies in cloud Engineering. Complex systems from data centers need to be migrated to Cloud. The migrated applications with Cloud Engineering Services enable them to be re-platformed and re-hosted making it Cloud friendly. If you are looking to deploy Cloud Engineering services, you must approach TransformHub. Our cloud engineering services are handled by professional, well-educated who assure to provide you enough security and reliability.

Cloud Engineering is applied to solve complex business challenges by leveraging the cloud’s capability. TransformHub’s cloud architects have successfully provided solutions related to Native Cloud Applications and hosting independent SaaS products.

Our cloud experts leverage the cloud to maximize your ROI, enhancing scalability and security. This will help you attain and provides excellent Cloud Engineering Services in India.

Cloud Engineering
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Our cloud consultants are adept at diverse cloud delivery models helping businesses optimizing cost and efficiency achieving business goals.

Cloud Strategy & Consulting

TransformHub’s Cloud Strategy & Consulting Services helps accelerate the business journey to the cloud, making IT transformation and reducing capital & operational costs. Cloud engineering services replace manual hard work with digital skills, delivering better efficiency, performance, skill, and expertise. With a thorough analysis of your business applications, we define a cloud strategy and roadmap making the business grow.

Leveraging cloud computing
Boosting business growth
Ensuring productivity
Mitigating risk
Saving costs

Cloud Engineering Services/ Optimisation and Governance

With our cloud optimization services, we correctly choose and assign the right resources for your business application. We aim to achieve maximum business efficiency by accurately balancing the workload performance, compliance, and optimization cost for best-fit infrastructure in real-time. With the right use of digital presence and with the help of a professional company it will create a next-generation customer experience.

Modernizing infrastructure
Automating through cloud-apps
Routing workload
Cloud cost optimization
Continuous optimization

Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Engineering services in India are seamlessly growing, evolving, and updating. With our Cloud Migration services, we deploy an organization’s digital assets, resources, and applications in the cloud inside a cloud firewall. This makes businesses gain features such as user-friendly applications, time-saving, ease of access, and enhanced security.

Cloud application deployment
Intrinsic network monitoring
Cloud Compatibility testing
Cloud-based data migration
Cloud exchange platform

Why Choose TransformHub for Cloud Engineering?

Cloud engineering services provided by the engineers at TransformHub have been offering services for years with mission-critical solutions. We have offered a wealth of intellectual capital to date serving industry-wide. We are committed to delivering scalable, flexible, and efficient cloud solutions that are also cost-saving at the same time. It is where the future lies and is the heart of digital transformation. With easy access to data, new ways to view, organize, analyses and automate the information flow, cloud engineering delivers new and powerful capabilities for business.

We help customers at any stage of their cloud engineering cycle from Strategy, Architecture, Design, Engineering, Testing, Implementation, or DevOps. From software as a service to the platform as a service, we attain all possibilities to give you maximum Cloud Engineer services in India.

Building/Reengineering products
Continuous deployment pipeline
Integrating database
SaaS cloud services
PaaS cloud services



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some cloud engineering services in India:

  1. Infrastructure as a Service: It gives businesses access to web architecture like storage spaces, connections, and servers. This can happen without the business having to purchase them, and manage them through Internet infrastructure. It might add up to complexities at first, but with complexity comes flexibility too.

  2. Platform as a Service: PaaS clouds are creative that are inside IaaS clouds. This is basically to render and make your expenses predictable.

  3. Software as a service: SaaS is a cloud computing application allowing the cloud to be leveraged for support, maintenance, and software architecture. Some of the examples of SaaS runs as cloud however not all of them need to be based on cloud computing.

Cloud computing is massively rising, in fact, about 81% of companies have a multi-platform strategy in the current day. Due to lack of awareness and potentially less technology, it wasn’t in a demand in the earlier times.

As cloud computing becomes a leader, organizations are moving towards adopting the strategy for the in-house process. It has become an end-to-end digital marketing platform that collaborates and aligns all marketing tools. Cloud engineering services will be advanced and seen in almost all industry be it education, healthcare, banking, etc.

Around 2022, 40% of the organization will inculcate cloud practices, with edge computing leading the technological setup. From an online security firm to a data analytics and software development agency, it will become the mind and brains of almost all sectors.

You can expect your cloud engineering consultant to provide you with support and also build and develop a reasonable solution for the migration of offline to cloud computing.

They are also responsible for designing and implementing workable migration policies along with guidance to cloud usage. They will be responsible to give suggestions to the development team of AWS cloud to build quality cloud architecture and application.

Further, collaborating with another team to get a check of the architecture being efficient or not? Some of the consultants specialize in business to migrate from current to the cloud, while some provide designing of high-level architecture.

There are unlimited benefits of reaching cloud engineering consultants in India and seeking the services are many.

  1. One is the ability to set up a virtual office and have the flexibility to connect from anywhere.
  2. Accessing business data with smart technologies becomes easier and efficient.
  3. It also reduced the IT cost as you don’t purchase expensive equipment for your business.
  4. Your business can easily scale up and down according to operations and storage needs that occur.
  5. It will protect your data, the most crucial aspect of the business from all sorts of mishaps be it power failure, natural disaster, and so on.
  6. With that cloud computing also gives your business the effective chance to communicate and share within the team.