Mergers and acquisitions, insecure legacy settings, expanding data volumes, and increasingly digitally aware consumers who want alternative experiences and products are all pushing transformation in the insurance business. All of these considerations, as well as the need to take advantage of innovation, data, analytics, and AI, are driving demand for an insurance ecosystem that combines insights with core technological capabilities to generate business outcomes.

A digital insurance platform may help speed the adoption of new technologies and data sources to support new products by creating a suitable insurance ecosystem. It also provides a transformation method that is flexible enough to adjust rapidly to future change. Our Best Digital Transformation Solutions helps our clients bring their vision to life.

TransformHub's Digital Insurance Services use AI, Cloud, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning, and other emerging technologies to provide revolutionary solutions to insurers. We work with global insurers to meet the ever-changing demands of the new-age consumer, create compelling customer journeys, and use sophisticated analytics to help them develop worldwide while still meeting local client needs, assure compliance, and upgrade outdated systems.

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Our services include the following verticals

Life Insurance

  • Embracing power of Digital Transformation and smarter innovation to nuzzle and protect people's life
  • Next-gen life insurance solution to serve the right outreach solution to all
  • Quality software development to enhance customer experience in life insurance
  • Unlocking new revenue streams for life insurance industrial specifics with smarter digital approach

Health Insurance

  • Embracing the power of Digital Transformation and intelligent innovation to nuzzle and safeguard people's health 
  • Next-generation health insurance solution to provide the proper outreach solution to everyone
  • In order to improve the client experience in the health insurance industry, high-quality software development is required.
  • With a wiser digital strategy, health insurance industry characteristics can unlock new revenue sources

Auto Insurance

  • Deliver better user experience, achieve greater customer outreach in Auto Insurance
  • Get your digital product developed, harnessing our engineering excellence in Auto Insurance
  • Modernize your legacy business apps to enhance customer experience in Auto Insurance
  • Comprehensive IT Solutions to modernize the legacy Auto Insurance processes

Fire Insurance

  • In the Fire Insurance industry, provide a better user experience and increase consumer outreach
  • Utilize our engineering expertise in Fire Insurance to design your digital product
  • Improve the client experience in Fire Insurance by modernizing your old business software
  • Modernize the outdated Fire Insurance operations with comprehensive IT solutions

Corporate Insurance

  • Digitizing Corporate insurance systems with scalable and reliable IT solutions
  • Wide Range of consumer lending practices in corporate insurance under professional leadership
  • Delivery of technical expertise and partnership with powerful credible platforms in Corporate Insurance
  • Superior innovative delivery and customer experience for Corporate Insurance pioneers

Property Insurance

  • Using scalable and dependable IT technologies to digitize property insurance systems
  • Property insurance offers a wide range of consumer financing methods under professional guidance
  • In the field of property insurance, we provide technological competence and collaborate with powerful, reputable platforms
  • Property Insurance pioneers benefit from superior innovation delivery and client experience

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Explore our expertise 

As one of the Best Digital Transformation Companies in Singapore, TransformHub provides effective financial services sector solutions with a focus on security and the highest degree of data integrity. Our committed development teams assist businesses in automating claim verification, implementing quicker settlements, and ensuring positive client experiences. 

Algorithms are developed by data scientists and machine learning engineers with the best level of accuracy to identify fraudulent insurance activities. We effectively address all typical issues associated with developing financial software, such as security, compliance, scalability, heavy load, seamless integration with third-party services, and others and that’s why we are honored to be known as the best digital transformation services company. 

Financial Services Technology 

We use our distinctive FinTech experience, which is easily transferable to the insurance sector. This results from the interaction between your market insight and our FinTech development experience. 

Multi-channel Insurance 

We assist insurance and reinsurance firms in delivering omnichannel InsurTech solutions as part of our InsurTech software development services. Being among the Top Digital Transformation Companies in Singapore, TransformHub makes sure that client interactions are individualized, secure, and pertinent. Insurance omnichannel solutions provide customized offers based on customer data. Your policyholders will enjoy distinctive customer experiences on any device, around-the-clock, with omnichannel fulfillment. 

Blockchain and Data Management 

Numerous cutting-edge blockchain projects have been worked on by different TransformHub teams. We implement novel solutions that are rigorous and powered by technology that is likely to revolutionize the financial services sector. BI solutions are used by TransformHub tech specialists to ensure effective data management. Insurance companies have an advantage over their competitors because of quickly deployable customer content management and enterprise content management systems. 



Regulations and Security 

In accordance with the most recent security requirements and active market laws, we develop end-to-end digital transformation solutions for InsurTechs and insurance firms. 

Significant FinTech Experience 

Numerous well-known FinTech companies are on the list of our clientele as they consider us to be the best Insurtech Consulting Company. 

Knowledge of Microservices 

Our engineers use microservices architecture to create finance systems. Due to our experience, we can now build projects quicker, and include new services as needed. 

Understanding of The Insurance Market 

We comprehend Western insurance markets as a European software development company with similar cultural characteristics.

With our customers and partners, we co-think, co-innovate, and co-author. We provide what individuals require and assist in guiding and co-inventing their future pathways. We're in it together and for the long haul. In many situations, this entails taking over their complicated policy settings and managing their operations. We look forward to continuing to advance the insurance ecosystem, keeping up with regulatory changes and providing vital new features.

Our professionals are happy to represent our customers' businesses as extensions of their teams. Our objective is to listen, learn, and then assist insurers in putting together the correct ecosystem and orchestrating their transformative journey, allowing them to increase investments while laying a new foundation to connect customers, solve growing costs, and open up new revenue channels.

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