CX Designing

CX Designing

Our multinational Experience Design team, which is part of a worldwide design practice, is made up of hundreds of designers, creatives, strategists, researchers, and seasoned technologists with a track record of innovation dating back ten years. Experience with customers is no longer sufficient. We are experts in creating seamless, ideal customer journeys. 

Being one of the top digital transformation companies, we design distinctive customer experiences, products, and services that change organizations and create deep, enduring connections with their clients by maintaining a persistent emphasis on people. 

We assist our clients clarify Who and What by first concentrating on the journey, improving their understanding of the consumer they serve, and identifying their largest hurdles for meeting their demands. After that, we concentrate on How and When, developing customer experiences that address those problems and are triggered by experience delivery. 


Mapping the Customer Experience 

Because they do not reveal a thorough grasp of the places of friction or value, conventional customer satisfaction surveys are no longer sufficient. The Voice of the Customer can only be effectively captured and utilized with the help of a stronger customer experience strategy model that is ingrained across the business. 

To ascertain what consumers' needs are, how to implement them across channels within the digital experience, and how to constantly enhance interactions that better support the customer journey, modern customer experience design (CXD) approaches employ data collecting and human-centered design. 

You are prepared to begin mapping out the customer's journey after you have a complete understanding of your consumer. That is the first step towards digital transformation solutions. This is the time to enter the customer's head when they are utilizing your item or service. 

  • Focusing challenge 

To clearly identify the established boundaries to investigate, you must first align your stakeholders with the core goal before setting up a customer project. You may then direct your team's thinking to produce the desired results. In order to provide unambiguous direction, it eliminates any assumptions from the project description. 

You must make the effort to comprehend and define your client dilemma before you can build up a customer project or initiative. You may express the aim throughout the organization and create your future state vision or challenge with the use of a concentrating challenge. 

  • Planning the customer journey 

A customer journey map is a design tool that offers a perspective of the entire customer experience. It is a technique for illuminating the procedures, requirements, and perceptions of your customers as they deal with and relate to your business. 

The Customer Journey Map describes the demands, challenges, opportunities, and many points of contact with customers that together form a thorough "journey" based on their experiences. Select a persona and outline the crucial steps for the trip to develop a customer journey map. Once you have completely mapped out the customer experience, pinpoint any pain areas and apply the concept of the five ways to find the underlying causes. 

  • Framework for customer journey, 5 A's 

The end-to-end customer lifetime may be represented using the 5 A's Customer Journey Framework, which highlights the crucial interactions. It is an engaging framework used to arrange the crucial phases a client experiences from the time they first learn about your company until they leave or continue the connection.  

By examining important touch points, systems, processes, pain spots, and possibilities, this alternative method of customer journey mapping organizes the topics for study from both the perspective of the customer and your organization. 

There are 5 A's: 

  • Attract: How are clients brought in and made aware of the service or product? 
  • Accept: How does a consumer first interact with your business? 
  • Adopt: Throughout the whole experience, how does the consumer interact?
  • Amplify: How do you want the consumer to feel after the engagement, amplify?
  • Advance: How can you maintain contact with clients and grow the existing relationship? 

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CX Design Strategies & Process 

Being the best digital transformation services company, our approach is distinctive due to our global brand, innovation, and CX consultancy. We create experiences that encourage brand loyalty both now and in the future by employing a detailed understanding of human behavior and foreseeing changes in the future. 

  • Human-centered 

We start with insights, acquiring a thorough grasp of the fundamental requirements and preferences of the target audience for our designs. We work with the same individuals all along the way to produce outcomes that are verified, satisfy customers, encourage loyalty, and add value to the company. 

  • Design-driven 

Our methodology uses a deep and comprehensive toolkit of design processes and approaches to address the causes of issues rather than just their symptoms, resulting in ground-breaking client experiences that go beyond utility to arouse deeper meaning and desire. 

  • Co-creative 

With the best digital transformation solutions, our teams work closely together, as well as with our clients and the individuals we are designing for. We can draw on distinctive viewpoints and provide the most inventive results by assembling diverse, cross-disciplinary teams with deep knowledge. 

  • Future-forward 

Our Trends & Foresight approach examines emerging sociocultural and technical trends, taking into consideration prospective changes in near- and long-term expectations, to maintain cultural relevance and persistence. 

Customer experience services by TransformHub 

  • Research 

Use a range of qualitative and quantitative methodologies to discover latent and stated client needs, wants, and frustrations that inspire ground-breaking goods, services, and user interfaces. 

  • Strategy 

Establishing workable strategies to provide a meaningful customer experience at all touchpoints in order to foster customer pleasure and loyalty. 

  • Delivery 

Designing the organizational framework, operational procedures, and support systems necessary to efficiently and successfully implement customer experience initiatives. 

  • Architecture 

Creating practical, usable, enjoyable, and desired digital consumer experiences and interactions. 

  • Service design 

Creating customer-focused services that are designed with a thorough grasp of your target market's requirements, goals, and motivations. 

  • Design of products 

Designing digital and physical goods that are both emotionally satisfying and intuitively useful requires consideration of business goals, brand differentiation, and human sensitivity. 

  • Pilots & MVPs 

Building suitable quality physical, digital, and service prototypes to test ideas and solutions with actual users. 

  • Evaluation & usability 

To produce highly usable solutions that meet and surpass your consumers' expectations, you should test concepts, products, and services iteratively with them. 

Our customer experience consulting services will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the customer experience at your company. To match objectives with consumer wants and behaviors, our CX consultants employ insight-gathering technologies, service blueprinting services, and human-centered design approaches.  

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