Data Analytics

Working on and analyzing the data

We make you a data-driven organisation while optimising data infrastructure, systems and business processes.


TransformHub, the renowned data analytics company will offer solutions that will make qualitative use of your organization’s data with predictive analytics. 

Data analytics is a crucial way to adapt and implement innovation in your business. Data insight converts your raw businesses data into actionable, workable, and quality-driven insights. We are amongst the leaders in Data and Analytics company and, we can help you migrate to a real-time, cloud-based data infrastructure via our data engineering services

Real-time insights, tactical pricing models and data-managed marketing will help you maximise profitability. We will help you grow, prosper and become a data-first company with our data and analytics solutions.

Data Engineering

All technology tools strengthen data-driven transformation in this data-driven economy. TransformHub's big data design services help your advanced analytics succeed by supporting your data strategy – ensuring access to the right data, at the right time, in the right format.

Optimizing data science
Developing enterprise solutions
Ongoing management and support
Enabled data access
Data infrastructure solutions

Data Science & Analytics

Our state of the art Data Science & Analytics solutions bring together the latest business consulting techniques for building business models. The core ideology behind the design of the models designed by us is to comprehend real-life business and commercial problems and helping in better decision-making

Unleashing actionable insights
Driving internal operations change
Integrated solutions
Solving business problems
Driving business improvement

Building Data Analytics Solutions for Different Domains 

TransformHub is among the top digital transformation companies that works with companies from over 30 sectors to integrate, consolidate, and analyze numerous data types from multiple data sources to meet their most specific departmental and organizational needs. 

Financial Analytics 

  • Tracking a company's earnings, costs, and profitability
  • Analyzing profitability and management of financial performance
  • Setting a budget, creating long-term company strategies
  • Anticipating and controlling financial risk 

Sales and Product Analytics 

  • Analytics for sales channels
  • To create price strategies, use pricing analytics
  • The detection and forecasting of sales trends
  • Analyzing the performance of a product
  • Seeing how customers engage with a product to spot the problems that cause churn
  • Doing benchmarking against rivals 

Customer Analytics 

  • Predictive modeling and study of consumer behavior 
  • Segmenting customers to create specialized sales and marketing efforts 
  • Offers for personalized upselling and cross-selling to increase client lifetime value 
  • Risk management for managing customer turnover and attrition
  • Examination of customer sentiment 

HR Analytics 

  • Monitoring and analyzing departmental and employee performance 
  • Examination of employee satisfaction and experience 
  • Management and improvement of the retention plan for employees
  • Analysis and improvement of employee hiring strategy
  • Cost analysis of labor 

Asset Analytics 

  • Tracking and monitoring assets in real-time 
  • Creating asset maintenance plans through predictive and preventive maintenance 
  • Preparing investments in assets 
  • Planning and scheduling asset modernization, replacement, and disposal plans, as well as asset utilization analytics 

Why Choose TransformHub for Data & Analytics Need?

TransformHub, a leading Data and Analytics company brings together the best of its technical know-how in Innovation to assist our clients in attaining sustainable growth. Being amongst the Top Digital Transformation Companies, we harness the potential and intelligence of the data that allow organisations to transform completely and experience scalability. With our services, we help you make better business decisions making the most of emerging technology.

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With our Data Science abilities, we find data patterns that tell what interests the customers the most. It will, in turn, instruct where to administer the supply chain. With our prowess, we strive to take your organisation to the next performance level. We, the challenge-driven data analytics company take insights from the data about your customers, competitors, and operations to unlock your business potential.
Data Analytics services at hand

Artificial Intelligence

Uncovering data patterns to perform speech recognition, natural language processing (NLP), biometrics, semantic technology, machine, and deep learning, and chatbots with Al generate optimum returns on investment (ROl)

Business Process Analytics

Providing business insights to aid in decision making raising business performance and eliminating the need to recruit personnel, and removing the cost to invest in implementing new technology.

People Analytics

We match up people with the business requirements, streamlining the HR process, reducing costs and time with the use of Al, ML, NLP, predictive analytics, and visualising data.

Risk Compliance

We, renowned data and analytics services perform risk regulation and compliance with a motive to ensure that the organisation we are serving is protected effectively and entirely.

Flexible Service Approaches by TransformHub

The use of data, analytics, and AI has made possible previously unimaginable possibilities. However, your organization's data cannot be mobilized if it is fragmented or of poor quality. Existing processes must be rethought in order to make data transparent, reliable, and quickly accessible. Data may then be utilized to maximize your investments in AI and technology. 

Any firm may expand and stand out from the competition with the aid of TransformHub's analytics services and solutions. We find use cases that can help you achieve your business objectives, and we develop analytics solutions using the best expertise and tools for your requirements. The future of your data is to be used to boost performance, resiliency, and growth for years to come. 

Analytics as a Service (AaaS) 

You may analyze data on a completely unique cloud analytics platform created and managed by TransformHub for a monthly membership cost. 

Managed data analysis 

Data analysts at TransformHub gather and prepare your information so they can give you an immediate, one-time or ongoing analytics insight. 

Data analytics consulting 

TransformHub's consultants offer advice on selecting the best data analytics approach as well as help you design, develop, deploy, and enhance a customized data analytics solution. 

Deployment of data analytics 

To meet your present data analytics demands and scale up as they increase, we build and install an analytics system with fundamental features. Such components as DWH, OLAP cubes, data visualization, data science, big data components, etc. may be included in your data analytics solution. 

Modernization of data analytics 

To maximize ROI and satisfy new data analytics requirements, TransformHub assists in upgrading the current data analytics system. 

Data management services 

In order to arrange your procedures for data gathering, storage, access, security, analysis, etc., TransformHub uses a strong data management framework. 

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