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A multi-award-winning Global Digital Solutions Company, TransformHub leverages experiential strategies in overcoming challenges right from the competitive market scenario and evolving customer demands.

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We seek to bring transformation to support enterprise with data governance, enabling sales channels, and developing analytics. Innovation in the insurance with TransformHub is no more stuck to shelves, desks, and labs. But amalgamated technology with the business has significantly changed the dynamics and growth. This shift brings new opportunities, new ideas in the product and services with conventional methods. We bring invaluable InsurTech expertise through end-to-end development, policy administration, claims management, and billing services align with standard industry practices.

TransformHub believes, there is a great swing of digital transformation in the insurance industry in India. We provide collaboration with insurers on the latest technology with faster access to insurance products and services that are tech-friendly. Digital transformation indeed has become the future of Insurance companies and the result being visible for those who have opted for it. Digitalization in the insurance field provides an opportunity to grow, excel and provide exceptional customer satisfaction.

The insurance industry is among the ones that have been imbibing the IoT, Open APIs revolution effectively. To make it a success in the fluctuating market, we offer strategic solutions to cope up with technological disruptions.


Our End-to-End InsurTech Services

Our team uses the latest technology, to cater to every requirement of the insurer ensuring safety & security with technological advancement. We collaborate with insurers on a tech transformation program, deploying various tools, planning on the concept, implementation, and developing strategies to optimize performance. The insurer on the other hand must embrace this change and rethink to modify their business model to a more technology compliant version.

Life Insurance

Solutions to make customer completely insured. Seamless claim settlement in case of any unforeseen incident.

Property Insurance

We offer tech solutions to secure your immovable property with the utmost coverage of assets.

Insurance Nominee

We offer solutions to nominate a trusted person who is best capable to take care of your possessions.


We offer customized insurance solutions in case of expiry that can be reinsured without any glitches within a lesser timeframe.

Our Offerings

We seek to offer a wide range of insurance services for the respective industries with solutions that make them future-ready with a seamless customer experience. We can collaborate with you on a large-scale transformation program or merely deploying digital tools and capabilities in your workspace. Digital transformation can help understand the true essence of the customer-centric approach that is where the major struggle for many insurance companies.

Business Growth

Enhance the customer experience and ease of onboarding.

Data Management

Deep-Insights to create new business opportunities.

Security Breach Control

Striving for providing security.

Adhering Compliances

Performing procedures as per the norms.

Our Solutions

TransformHub believes, those who fully embrace a digital transformation can be able to withstand the competition, be ahead in the race and also seek competitive privileges. We enable insurance organizations to inculcate Digital transformation in the insurance sector in a fiercely competitive market and ever-evolving compliances guided by the regulatory bodies of government.

Digtal TRansformation

Driving innovation, business profitability, and efficiency with IT solutions with effective business models with leveraging the power of data.

System Migration

Moving the legacy systems to newer and modern platforms such as cloud, mobile, and web owing to constantly changing consumer requirements.

System Audit

End-to-end analysis with a focus on sustainability for an independent IT systems assessment with a transformation workplan.

Better Data Visibility

Harness the Big Data and Analytics potential for greater visibility of overall customer data. The value of digital transformation, the scope, and the impact is something no organization can overlook.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Digital transformation is a word you've encountered quite a lot in the current times. From healthcare, hospitality, to manufacturing, and now the insurance sector.

The modern world has understood the importance of embracing digital technology in the industry. Insurance today has a great digital aspect in their operation, to stay competitive and to meet customer needs, transformation is necessary. This is no easy transformation; however, it is worth it as works wonders in the future too.

The digital transformation in the insurance sector is more like, adding artificial intelligence, machine learning, mobile services, and live chat along with predictive analysis. It is speeding our customer services and assisting the customer to enjoy seeking services from those who have got digitally better!

Global insurance leaders are working strongly on developing digital tools and portals to meet the current and future needs of customers. For meeting future demands, they are working on predictive analysis, financial performance reports, and giving key consideration to micro and macro indicators in the insurance business.

With that one can assume that digital transformation has undertaken the insurance sector pretty much and early adopters are gaining fruitful benefits out of it. They have generated great business value, winning customers, leaders, and faster access to the huge potential market. Also, businesses can gain well-improved claims processes and a better business operation by reducing cost and time.

The insurance industry in India is harnessing digital technology to the next level. For scaling up the business, striving for a stressful but worth it digitalization is what the insurance sector is looking for. From buying insurance online to delivering a free online quote, customers have got the convenience they needed.

Digitalization also makes it possible for a personalized experience to the customer with an AI approach. Modern customer's modern needs are the address and instead of one size for all, insurers are delivering customized products in the digital world.

Communicating through social media is another aspect and customers have got easier access to reaching your business. InsurTech companies are offering groundbreaking performance with a top-notch product catered well with innovation.

Automation is one of the best digital transformations in insurance, wherein 25% of the insurance industry by 2025 will be automated, inculcating AI and machine learning techniques. Claim processing like review, investigation, remittance, and denial of the claim that contains large data will be able to be detected through automation. With that claim, the settlement seems to be easier.

Insurance can collect personal data of individuals related to health and accordingly assess risk on health with the lab testing, biometric data, etc. giving a better risk score and service. Inefficient and messy paperwork seems to be no longer a problem. With eSignature, digital forms getting normalize, customers can expect nearly everything to be done remotely via digital tools.



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