Microfinance App Development

Microfinance App Development

A Microfinance application assists you in handling all your client data, including loans, grants, investors, contributors, and much more.

Additionally, it has fantastic tools for capturing historical data and creating management reports for your stakeholders.

TransformHub’s Microfinance Application has the greatest degree of security. We take complete Accountability to offer an entire range of tailored solutions, technical support and maintenance services. 

Why Should You Implement Micro-Finance Solutions? 

  • Complete range of products 

We offer a variety of services, such as credit, savings, remittances, financial advice, and non-financial services including training and assistance, giving you the option to manage an all-in-one product. 

  • Control your loans from one panel 

This makes it possible for financial organizations to integrate, start, and manage lending and borrowing portfolio services. The loan cycle's components may be easily tailored to fit the needs and demands of the clients. 

  • Accounting management 

TransformHub’s digital transformation solutions come with a built-in core banking system that can handle both simple and complex accounting configurations. On a single platform, this capability consists of automatic or manual journal entries, tax settings, financial activity mapping, and money source mapping. 

  • Dashboards & reports 

Simple and pictorial data makes it easier to interpret complicated facts. Focusing on the important areas that require urgent action is made easier by an interactive dashboard with simple reporting. Reduce the stress of reporting and build your future goals on the facts. 

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Micro Finance App Development Features 

1. Options for the supervisor 
  • Plan for savings 
  • Scheme for recurring deposits 
  • Scheme for fixed deposits 
  • Agent commission 
  • Regional specifics 
  • Daily backup 
  • Enhanced security 
  • Yearly plan development 
2. Transactions 
  • Record loans disbursed at the group level (WT/SHG) and the amount and installment information for each borrower. 
  • Record and print receipts for members to use as payment for loan principal and interest. 
  • Record payments made to vendors and other charges in the payment entry system. 
  • Keep a journal of your vouchers. 
  • Calculate interest after loan foreclosure 
  • Interest penalties for past-due accounts and defaulters. 
3. Accounts reports 
  • General ledger report  
  • Day book report  
  • Cash book report  
  • Bank book report 
  • Trial balance report on profit & loss 
  • Balance sheet  
4. Data consolidation 
  • Branch accounts are linked to master accounts via the consolidated account master 
  • Import branch data from a cluster for a specific period 

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Microfinance App Development Solutions 

Our Microfinance App Development Solution is a solid, scalable platform that enables you to automate all your business processes on a single technology foundation. This allows you to plan your company's expansion with lower capital expenditures, increase customer reach safely & significantly, and monitor profitability, compliance, and reporting. 

This solution is intended to be customer-friendly in the operating environment and circumstances that Microfinance businesses operate in. The entire system is structurally and functionally layered and modular in design. An excellent potential for operational optimization and automation in current operations is provided by the workflows and business rules engine. 

The Microfinance Application is designed for quick processing and to assist in making the best decision to consider that target customer based on factors such as the number of businesses from which the target customer has previously obtained loans. 

We maintain that quality entails timely delivery of services that are in line with client requirements. We will recognize and uphold our client's entitlement to timely, cost-effective delivery of high-quality services. Your insight and in-depth understanding of your industry and the activities you need to implement to improve the efficiency of your firm are combined with our expertise in Microfinance Software and Application and additional Banking & Finance Management App and Software Development. 

TransformHub for Microfinance App Development 

Increase operational effectiveness 

You may increase operational effectiveness and save money and time by using TransformHub’s Microfinance App Development Solutions, that ensure to expand your company’s success while putting in less time and capital. 

Flexible workflows enhance the growth of your business 

Our top Microfinance App and Software enables you to maintain adaptable business processes so you can quickly expand your company and provide additional services.  

Lower risk of money loss  

By using cashless disbursements, you may lower operational risks.  

Cross-sell to raise profitability 

Microfinance organizations may engage clients for more extensive financial requirements and increase revenue by using cross-sell opportunities. 


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