Insurance App Development

Insurance App Development

With the help of our strong and flexible insurance app development services, you have the opportunity to control the $7 trillion insurance business. With user-friendly, reliable, and ROI-focused insurance applications, you can encourage the greatest number of conversions. 

Being one of the top digital transformation companies in Singapore, TransformHub provides scalable, tailored, creative, and technology-focused solutions to insurance providers all around the world, all while taking complete Accountability for the business requirements. 

To ensure efficient expansion of businesses and to enable better sales and management of the entire process, we assist the insurance sector in achieving greater objectives with the solutions we offer. 

For your business, TransformHub provides a specialized team of experts that work towards creating cutting-edge insurance software and application solutions that allows your clients a first-rate insurance experience. 

Insurance App Development Solutions 

  • Insurance management system 

Regardless of the industry, TransformHub takes accountability to provide top insurance management services. We offer digital transformation solutions for various industries, allowing you to control every aspect of the insurance procedure with ease. 

  • Insurance lead management 

Want to turn leads into paying customers? This solution is for you. Our insurance management solution allows you to streamline your workflow and improve the lead generation process and conversion rates. Any insurer might be given those converted leads to take care of further processes. 

  • Insurance document management 

Trying to handle different clients' insurance documents? TransformHub provides a full end-to-end tailored solution to handle the documentation process. The service for managing insurance documents comprises information about the insurer, their insurance application number, the policyholder agreement, verification documentation, and other necessary aspects. 

  • Insurance payment management 

This program is customized to handle the insurance payment process for customers. Various payment details including pending payments, due dates, and other important factors may all be seen here. We are here to take complete accountability to design a unique solution that is specifically designed to match your insurance payment needs. 

  • Insurance workflow management 

An insurance workflow management solution automates the workflow process. The software program contributes to improving client connections and satisfaction levels. 

  • Investment management software 

The investing process is streamlined with the use of investment management software. It allows you to handle finances, earnings, assets, budgets, cash flow, etc., and can be monitored from anywhere at any time. 

  • Insurance analytics solution 

Want to learn more about the current market? Get the full insurance analytics report. We provide the entire data on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis with our insurance analytics system. This offers a better chance to enhance the insurance industry and support the insurance company's ability to make better decisions. 

  • Insurance CRM software 

This solution serves as a link between clients and agents. It helps in handling delicate client information such as payment details, policy information, and so on. 

  • Fraud analysis software 

Our fraud analysis tool provides a way to prevent and identify claim fraud. This type of specialized software enables you to keep a firm eye on every transaction. 

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Insurance App Development Features 

Our team of experts design robust, gorgeous, and performance-oriented features for your company goals as part of the insurance app development process. 

  • Claims administration 

We provide a simple, speedy, and seamless claims management function that enables policyholders to swiftly handle claims. 

  • Access to IDs & policies 

All policy-related paperwork and users' identity credentials are designed to be stored in a unique section of the insurance app for convenient access. 

  • Seamless transactions 

For policyholders to rapidly pay their premiums or purchase additional policies, we integrate smooth online payments into the insurance application. 

  • Connection to agents immediately 

The insurance application allows for immediate contact with the agents to receive support and help for the insurance policy in real-time. 

  • Information center 

A dedicated Knowledge Center is included in the insurance app to provide all pertinent data and information on insurance plans, both old and new. 

  • Advertising & offers 

Through this section, clients and policyholders may receive exclusive discounts and deals related to insurance coverage. 

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TransformHub for Insurance Application Development 

With years of expertise creating creative and unique solutions for insurance firms of all sizes, TransformHub is counted among the best digital transformation companies. We take accountability to provide tailored, technology-driven, automated, secure, and growth-oriented digital transformation solutions that provide an interesting experience for your customers, thanks to our experience and in-depth development knowledge and skills. 


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“ Working with TransformHub again to build an insurance company has been exciting. The TH team's enthusiasm and contributions to our solutioning and build out have been pivotal to getting to where we are now and will certainly continue to be key to our success. I can't wait to share what's coming next! ”
Robert Ross (CIO)
Vault Insurance, USA
“ Project team was extremely responsive, worked with us on tight timelines, evenings and even weekends to ensure delivery."
Hitesh Joshi (Lead Solutions Architect)
Affinidi Wallet Ecosystem
“ Highly Ambitious team, Can Do attitude!. ”
Kishore Bhatia (CTO and Founding Team Member)
Affinidi Ecosystem
“ Thank you for all your support and hard work so far. Getting to where we are has been a real achievement.”
Ned Lowe (Head of Engineering)
SingLife with Aviva, SEA

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