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Amalgamating comprehensive skills and knowledge in the healthcare domain for digitizing the healthcare ecosystem with secured healthcare solutions.

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At TransformHub, our foremost motive is to provide innovative IT and analytics that will enhance the overall valuation of the healthcare industry. Our IT solutions for healthcare cove all the necessary hospitalization functions including the right patient care and much-needed infrastructure for extreme situations.

We are committed to assisting healthcare organizations and have been consistently delivering solutions with imparting automation in every aspect.

Our technical knowledge eases various parts of the healthcare right from Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and solutions based on AI such as reporting. With us, you are in trusted hands.


Our End-To-End Services for Healthcare & Pharma Life Sciences

Our squad makes optimum use of the efficient and latest technologies suitable for healthcare, such as AI, ML, AR, and VR for advanced diagnostics and treatment.

AI-Powered Medical Tools

Our artificial intelligence-enabled tools provide accurate analysis of the human tissue samples.

Digital Consultation

Users can input their symptoms digitally that compares them to the database of illnesses and a suitable solution is provided.

Interactive Patient & Doctor Portal

We offer a secure portal that is accessible round the clock with personal health information such as doctor visits and discharge summaries.

Hospital Management

We offer adequate tools to manage the administration of the hospital or healthcare institute skillfully.

Pharmaceutical Billing

We offer solutions for payment practice in the health system that comprises bill submission and appealing claims.

Adhering to HIPAA Compliance

We offer the solutions for policies and procedures that are to be adhered to by the healthcare organizations ensuring authenticity.

Our Offerings

Our services include each healthcare aspect and seek to extend customized and quality patient care. We also look after upscaling scalability as well as efficiency.

Real-Time Data Collection

Improving the ultimate healthcare quality.

Response Management

For a quick and easy interaction.

Cross-Platform Applications

Apps that work everywhere seamlessly.

Multilingual Alerts

For catering patients of every region.

Our Solutions

Our solutions are fundamentally meant for simplifying the tasks involved in a healthcare unit covering patient records, transactions verification, and secured payments.

Block chain-based data management

We offer solutions for digitizing and managing patient records with a secure infrastructure making a smart healthcare organization.

Pharmacy Location Detection

Equipping the patients for a faster reach to the pharmacy especially in case of emergencies.

Medical Carer Validation

Authenticating the carer with requisite allowance award letter or blue badge letter as proof to extend their services.

Payment Gateway

Enabling the taker to execute transactions with multiple payment methods for a hassle-free checkout and availability of medicines.


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