Retail & E-Commerce

With our deep technical know-how, we assist e-commerce firms with agile, customizable, and deployable solutions making them compete in the evolving market scenario and cope with customer choices. Our experts are well versed with e-commerce platforms such as Magento and Drupal, which are efficient technologies for end-to-end services.

With utmost IT innovation and data intelligence, we are the best retail and e-commerce solution provider company, driving digital retail initiatives to make the organizations handle fluctuations in the markets, customer segments, and sales on various channels such as mobile and social media.

Our solutions are intended for a rich experience, guaranteed outcome, and agility.

Retail & E-Commerce

Our Consumer Goods and Retail Offerings

B2B & B2C

  • Our B2B and B2C solutions are devised in the best business models and making the business platform usable.


User Experience and Journey Creation

  • With user journey mapping, we help companies gain insight into the users' experience of your product, based on their business goals.


Inventory Management

  • We take on sourcing, storage, and selling inventory and deal in both raw materials and finished goods.

Product Listing

  • We take care of the important product information to be listed on the product for success in the marketplace.

Order Processing

  • We take care of all the stages of processing of the orders involved in the fulfillment of the order.

Marketplace Integration

  • We connect product data and inventory with the marketplaces in real-time for seamless customer experiences with your products.

Promotions and Advertisements

  • We work on timely campaigns to persuade customers to purchase your product or service as a marketing strategy.


Our Offerings

We offer tailor-made services for e-commerce, and retail businesses with scalable solutions that streamline sales & checkouts and ultimately improve consumer engagement.

Order Tracking

Keeping an eye on the order status.


Loyalty Management

Customer acquisition and retaining.


POS System with Barcode Integration

Automating the manual cash counting process.


Refund Management

Hassle-free returns and immediate refund processing.

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